Thursday, September 22, 2005

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Don't know if this is a random thought or an irregular musing ....

Picked up the Sept/Oct issue of a new mag, Worthwhile: Work with Purpose, Passion and Profit, and found these interesting stats in the mag's Measuring Stick feature:

The top three professions most considered "overworked" by Americans are: nurses (55%), teachers (45%) and housewives (44%). (Source: Princess Cruises Escape Completely survey)

See a pattern there?

Now try to fit this stat into the picture:

The percent of working fathers who "would prefer being stay-at-home dads to being the breadwinner" is 47%. (Source:

Do you suppose these working fathers know that "housewives" are overworked?

Or do you think that they might be operating on an idealized definition of "stay-at-home" dad that includes taking the kids to the ball game and other "quality time" parenting activities, but doesn't include washing, drying, folding and stowing the family's clothes, cleaning the house, grocery buying, food prep, driving carpool, etc, etc, etc?


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