Thursday, April 13, 2006

Delegate Kilgore --- One Man --- Three Masters?

In a little noticed development upstate, Delegate Terry Kilgore has been named Dean of Institutional Advancement at the University of Appalachia, a new private university in Grundy. In the school's press release, Kilgore is quoted as saying he intends to continue representing clients in "serious injury" cases, and there's no indication that he intends to give up his seat in the legislature:

Delegate Kilgore noted that he is in the process of phasing out of his general practice of law and will maintain his legislative district office in Gate City where he and his wife, Debbie, also an educator, and their two children, Kayla and Kyle, continue to reside. “I will continue on a part time basis to represent a limited number of serious injury clients as part of my agreement with the University of Appalachia. It is important that I stay actively involved in the legal profession and it was not an easy decision to make this transition. But with all the expanding opportunities for further educating our high school graduates happening right here in Southwest Virginia I cannot resist doing what I can to make that happen on a larger and more aggressive scale.”

The head of the University said of Kilgore's selection:

"Terry will be instrumental in expanding program development, promoting scholarships and fundraising, and increasing the awareness of educational and health care needs of Southwest Virginia. He has shown great enthusiasm in taking this office and has begun making contacts and setting up site visits well before his start date. Terry strengthens our leadership team and will help make our mission become a reality.”

So, Terry will be an agressive advocate for the constituents who elected him, the University, and his continuing legal clients -- all at the same time. Wonder how we'll know when he's doing which job.

There is always the potential for conflict with a citizen legislature, but this may be a situation where it will be difficult to parse expected loyalties.

Can one man serve three demanding masters well and without conflict (especially when two of the jobs require significant fundraising)? Guess we'll find out.


Neal said...

I'm going to say no.

I doubt Kilgore will be able to do all three, especially since the HoD is in sessiion right around exams. That, and Grundy is a VERY long way from Gate City (Something like 2 70 miles or so)

CG2 said...

Perhaps his twin will be job sharing.

Steve said...

Need that Coalfields Expressway, to improve the commute.

Brian Patton said...

Actually, 90 Miles!! (I think)

I have been talking to a few folks about this and everyone seems to agree this "Dean" job must be one of those positions where one can work from home most days.

His wife is a teacher in Gate City, so I doubt she would agree to move.

Plus, moving into the third district would end him politically (i.e, he could never win there).

As for his law practice, it sounds like he will be "phasing that out."

Virginia Centrist said...

He could always switch off with his twin. Although, someone might notice...

A. Toad said...

"Dean of Institutional Advancement" Hmm.

That job title basically sounds like he's just going to be responsible for fundraising.

Those types of jobs are usually not full time demanding 100 percent of the work day's attention jobs.

He's probably the closest thing to a 'big name' that a small and *new* academic organization can get, kinda like those "artist in residence" positions.

Which means he might recieve a small stipend, and be required to use his political connections to generate publicity and fundraising opportunities for the college, and at which he will be expected to attend.

In all it will fit rather nicely with his current proffession- politician.

CG2 said...

I don't know where you get the idea that the institutional advancement job, especially for a new and growing institution, is a part-time job. Here are the job duties listed for a similar position at a community college near the University and for a small college. Neither looks like a part-time job to me:

Community College Job
Position Responsibilities:
 Directs the College’s institutional effectiveness and assessment programs.
 Designs, develops, and implements strategies to assess and improve the quality and effectiveness of all areas of the college.
 Provides leadership for institutional research activities including development and administration of college-wide surveys.
 Directs College’s resource development (grant) activities.
 Directs College’s marketing and public relations program.
 Serves as college liaison with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
 Other duties as assigned.

Small Private College Job
To support the mission and philosophy of Odessa College. To report to and execute all duties assigned by the President. To be visible and involved in civic and community organizations and events. To serve on college committees related to Marketing, Finance, and/or Fund-raising. To expedite all matters regarding the job duties of the Director of Institutional Advancement as well as the Executive Director of the Odessa College Foundation. To administer the affairs of the OC Foundation and execute all administrative duties incident to the office: oversee the office operations and staff; arrange foundation board lunch meetings; prepare quarterly reports for board meetings; oversee the fiduciary funds, investments, and distributions; plan committee meetings and activity for a volunteer foundation board; organize scholarship distributions. To design, organize, and execute fund-raising drives and/or benefit events for special projects with the intent of uniting the community to Odessa College, cultivating donor relations, and expanding donor prospects for financial contributions from individuals, businesses, companies, corporations, and foundations. To maintain correspondence for the college: write donor thank you letters for cash and gift-in-kind donations; write memorial letters for memorial donations; write proposals for program and scholarship funding from businesses, corporations and foundations. To maintain frequent contact with donors through letters, cards, and calls; promote new donor contacts through Presidential receptions, community civic presentations, personal visits with Board Directors, and scholarship distribution receptions. To create marketing materials for Advancement and Foundation: fund-raising flyers, brochures, pledge cards; endowment brochures & video; scholarship guidelines & applications; former student membership cards; and website updates. To maintain and build the data base of contributions to the college: annual fund, endowment fund, corporate funds, foundation funds, former student funds, memorial funds. To maintain and build the data base for the Former Students Association and contact during the Annual fund drive, Dollars-for-Scholars, the Endowment drive, Leave-A-Legacy, as well as plan and host alumni reunions.