Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ten Tips for Becoming an Effective Advocate

#1 Google rated blogger for women entrepreneurs,Kirsten Osolind, has a great feature on her re:invention blog. Every Saturday she posts 10 Tips for 10 Million Women -- featuring advice for women entrepreneurs by women entrepreneurs.

Last Saturday, she featured my Ten Tips for Becoming a Grass Roots Advocate (a revised and updated version of an article that I wrote for NAWBOTime). It's a handy reference for women business owners who want to succeed in the "business" of advocacy at the local, state or federal level.

Let Kirsten know if you've got 10 Tips that you'd like her to feature. You'll find the link to submit your wisdom on the blog.


SayitBetterKare said...

I found you and your ten great tips (am going to refer to them + you + your web site in my speech tomorrow for a Young Entrepreneurs Org. conference) through wonderful Kirsten ... powerful tips, great resources...

I co-founded nine womens' PACs 15 years ago and am happy to hear you are discussing the double-bind - and how to move through it to one's fearless greatness...

we need such savvy in these times.

I hope we cross paths one day, and look forward to learning more from you via your blog...

You'd be a great speaker (if haven't already spoken to them) for SGMP
- Kare Anderson www.sayitbetter.com author, SmartPartnering

CG2 said...

Thanks for your nice comment. I, too, hope that our paths will cross. Thanks, too, for giving me some pub in your speech!

I'd love to connect with SGMP. Any suggestions about how?