Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blogs United in Martinsville

Alton has posted up some more detail about the agenda for the Blogs United conference over at ImNotEmeril.

Topics on the program include libel, FOIA, Net Neutrality .... lots of time for schmoozing with fellow bloggers.

Attorney General McDonnell will speak again ... wonder if there's any chance for an elected Democrat to have a shot at the podium?

And, it would be nice if Vivian or Kat or one of the other talented women bloggers or women who could contribute to the topics on the agenda were added to the list of speakers/panelists.

Looking good, Alton... keep on keeping on.


Romeocat said...

Claire, I'm sure you ought to have added yourself to that list!

As for me, well... I regard myself as really a life-blogger, rather than a political blogger. Sorenson, of course, focused on political blogging, and I believe Martinsville will share that focus.

Besides, what would *I* talk about for an hour? Having diverse topics on your blog, as well as rules of courtesy and ettiquette in blogging and commenting.

I don't know if everyone else would enjoy having "Miss Manners" giving them a stern talking to... ;-)

Thanks so much for the gracious mention!

-- Kat

I'm Not Emeril said...

Rick Boucher called yesterday expressing regrets that he would be unable to attend. It turns out that the conference weekend is also Bristol race weekend.

The comment section and the e-mail link are available to anyone who wishes to offer input, ideas, or request a speakers slot. Please use them.