Friday, August 18, 2006

The Penguins May Have Died but The Chicks Live

I'm now an official Blogging Chick! Find other chicks who blog; learn more about the technical side of blogging; read the blogger chick carnivals over on BloggingChicks.

Nothing too serious now.


michele said...

Thanks for the plug and welcome to the blogroll.

CG2 said...

Glad to do it. Us chicks got to "play on the team" together.

Sally said...

Good to meet you- love the political edge- I've just joined too

CG2 said...

Thanks for coming buy.

CG2 said...

Make that thanks for coming by! Surfed through your blogs ... wonderfully spiritual. Figured out you are from Norfolk, England rather than Norfolk, Virginia.

eGent said...

Please don't forget that there are men on your side also, and not just gay ones. The Arnold might call us "girlie men", but what we are is just kind, decent, caring men who wish to honor the dignity of all people.

I do believe that the world could be a better place if there were more women in positions of power. However, I am also realistic enough to realize that not all women embody the finer qualities of the gender. There are those among you who can be perfect bitches, and I would no sooner see those individuals in power than some of the men who are already there.

CG2 said...

Thanks for stopping by. Glad to have your support.