Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blogging the Amendment and Other Distractions

Saw Ben Tribbet (Not Larry Sabato), Vivian Paige, Waldo Jaquith, Kenton Ngo, and Jim Bacon at Warner's Pig Roast today.

Ben was basking in media attention from some guys filming a documentary on bloggers. I'm sure I should know who those guys were doing the filming and why they were doing it... but I was too busy working the crowd on the so-called marriage amendment to find out.

Ben did take time to give me a hard time about not posting regularly enough here, and he's right. I haven't lived up to my New Year's resolution about blogging daily, although if you count all the places that I blog or comment regularly in addition to here, some weeks I come close. Best laid plans and all.

Fact is right now I'm responsible for Blogging the Amendment and trying to keep things current there is about all I can say grace over given my other campaign responsibilities.

So, Ben, I'll continue to try to post here when I'm really moved by something (like the Andrew Young matter) or tickled by something (dead penguins), but look for me primarily on Blogging the Amendment between now and NOvember 7th. Defeating Ballot Question #1 is my priority and passion right now.

Come join me in that fight ...

Check out the ad that Not Larry Sabato calls the best of this cycle and then make a contribution over at so we can get the ad the airtime it deserves!

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