Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gathering Change... New Music

Well, this isn't about a big idea, and it's not a "musing". It isn't even about politics. Just a sister bragging on a brother.

My brother Gus Guthrie (a Fairfax County art teacher nominated for teacher of the year) is a multi-talented guy. You can hear his latest music project, a CD on which he does lead vocals, called Gathering Change, here.

If you can get past this saccharine slop, "a beautifully crafted platform for listeners to hear Gus Guthrie’s soulful and sincere voice", you might actually enjoy the music which is a bit folk, a bit Latin with a hint of the islands.

You can also hear Gus' band, No Better Off, on Saturday night, January 6th at Bangkok Blues in Falls Church. More info here.

So, walk away from the keyboard and the blog wars and go take a listen.

UPDATE: XM Cafe is playing selections from "Gathering Change" in its Nude Music Review. XM Cafe is Channel 45 on XM Radio. Here's the schedule if you want to catch a song:

Nude Music Revue
Monday - Midnight ET Listen to new music every week on the Nude Music Review when XM Café - XM 45 plays multiple tracks from the latest CDs. Encores:Tuesday - 9 PM ET Wednesday - 3 PM ET Thursday - 9 AM ET Friday - 3 AM ET

And, No Better Off is appearing at Stacy's Coffee House at 709 W. Broad Street in Falls Church on Saturday night, February 10th from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

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