Friday, June 15, 2007

Watch and Learn -- High School and Middle School Students Have Something to Teach Us

Take a look at the winning videos in the annual CPAN video documentary contest for middle and high school students. Topics range from gay marriage to global warming to intelligent design to a woman president and immigration.

The winning video documentary, "Jupiter or Bust," was done by high school students in Jupiter, Florida, and documents the town's constructive response to the growing number of Guatemalan immigrants now living in Jupiter. Watch the video and the interview with the poised high school student who made the film and share it with your children. The teen's mature, measured, thoughtful, and sympathetic portrayal of the immigrant community in his town is a lesson for all of us.

You'll see none of the raw, negative, and largely uninformed, emotion infecting much of the debate on immigration today. Just three teenagers telling a story about a town's decision to address a problem in their community (laborers lining a main street looking for jobs) without acrimony or political flame throwing.

I hope we can let the younger generation be our teachers here as they have been on other issues like seatbelt usage and smoking.

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Mike K said...

How ironic... the generation of folks who, according to immigration intolerants, would be most affected by immigrants (young folks in greater need of government resources) are willing to find symbiosis while the intolerants, who are least affected, are the ones organizing the anti-immigration rallies.

God bless America...