Friday, August 31, 2007

Marriage Amendment Opponents are Very Much in the Mainstream of Virginia Voters

I am getting more than a little tired of folks who continue to try to claim that people and politicians who opposed the marriage amendment represent some fringe group of Virginians out of the mainstream, and, having won one election, can't resist playing the poor winners by continuing to try to use this issue to gain some ill-defined political advantage.

The absolute number of NO votes against the so-called marriage amendment totalled just under 1,000,000 (999,687 to be exact), just 26,255 fewer than Tim Kaine got in his winning gubernatorial campaign and 20,422 more votes than Bill Bolling got in his winning Lt. Governor’s race and 28,801 more votes than Bob McDonnell got in his winning race for Attorney General.

Yes, that’s right … more people didn’t want our constitution amended to include this deprivation of rights amendment than wanted either Bill or Bob elected to office.

Think about that … those of you who keep claiming that NO voters are “out of the mainstream” of Virginians.


CJ said...

Cheers to that! I'm one of the 999,687 and very proud of it!

I hope one day soon in Virginia, I'll be able to receive the rights that I deserve just as much as those that take them for granted...(i.e. soon to be ex-Senator Craig)

Daniel said...

Hey, no doubt Virginia voters were for the amendment... but make no mistake, Richmond voters were against it. 80% of us in fact.