Saturday, November 03, 2007

You Don't Need a Crystal Ball to See the Future of Prince William County and the City of Manassas

This ad shows clearly what the citizens in Prince William and the City of Manassas should expect ... loss of businesses, revenues and jobs, empty houses and tax increases to continue to provide basic services.

Companies and families don't want to locate in communities torn by ethnic strife -- regardless of which side they are on.

The leaders in Prince William and the City of Manassas have failed the people in their communities by choosing to demogogue instead of dialogue.

Their failure of leadership has sown the seeds of despair and disparity rather than prosperity.

Once the scapegoats are gone, who will these "leaders" blame for their failures to address the real issues in their communities ... uncontrolled growth, inadequate public facilities and clogged roads?


Citizen Tom said...

This is nothing more than the standard reaction to any change in the status quo. The people who stand the most squawk everybody will suffer. Wrong.

Consider an example. After the invention of the cotton gin, do you not know what the slave owners in the Old South said when the abolitionists proposed to end slavery?

The illegal immigrants are being exploited by greedy employers. Some jobs, low wage jobs, will leave our area. However, there will also be benefits. For example, our schools and hospital emergency rooms will no longer be overcrowded. And our roads will no longer host quite so many uninsured driver. So somehow, I think we will get by.

CG2 said...

Thanks, Citizen Tom. I'm not sure your analogy is apt, but I'll leave it at that. The reality is that your leaders have over-promised and will, inevitably, underdeliver, because the cause of much of the overcrowding you cite is not the relatively few (even FAIR says no more than 200,000 statewide out of 7.6 million people)people here illegally but their own failure to control growth sensibly in your community. Truth will out.


Citizen Tom said...

Clair, before we speak, we all need to listen ourselves. Otherwise, our words and thoughts come out garbled (too often my problem) or self-contradictory (what I see in your reply).

If my leaders (by that I presume you mean GOP elected officials) have overpromised, then what about your crystal ball? The illegal immigrants will not leave. So there will be no economic collapse due to there leaving.

As to your statistics, without careful consideration, such tend to be easily misunderstood. Illegal immigrants have not spread uniformly over our state. Like birds of a feather, immigrants generally tend to flock together. Much of the flock has gathered in Prince William County, and that is why the issue has become so potent in the county.

CG2 said...

Citizen Tom:
I don't understand your response. There is clear evidence that Latinos, regardless of legal status, are already leaving Prince William, closing their businesses and selling/abandoning their homes.

So, it is clear that there will be departures and adverse economic consequences. But, these departures will not alleviate the overcrowding that exists, because they are not the primary cause of it. They represent a small fraction of the problem caused by improperly managed growth and overdevelopment.