Friday, November 18, 2005

So you want to run for office

This month RichmondWOMAN magazine goes from print to ezine. The new edition just hit the electronic news stand. My Government Matters column this month is titled, "So You Want to Run for Office: 5 Questions Every Woman Must Ask Herself Before She Runs for Office." Find out about the rule of 75, the torque factor, and the "buy me, buy me" test ... all important considerations for any woman thinking about elective office.

And, do think seriously about running. Virginia has stayed too long in the bottom ten of all states in the number of women in our state legislature. You can be a part of moving us from follower to leader. Women who run can and do win!


Anonymous said...


Good piece. It's good to see someone lay out what it takes for women to run and win. Actually, this is insightful advice for any candidate seeking office.

I've always felt that a woman's place was in the House...and Senate...and executive mansion...and 1600 Penn Ave...

-- Conaway

CG2 said...

Thanks, Conaway! Let's begin with proportional representation in the Virginia House and Senate, the Governor's Cabinet and political appointments and move up from there. :-) Claire