Friday, June 25, 2004

could pet lovers doom terminator?

Arnold underestimates the political clout of pet lovers...

"Cats and dogs are like mom and apple pie. Don't mess with the pets. Most people prefer them to other people."

2004 election trivia

what is the relationship between George Bush's grandmother and Howard Dean's grandmother?
A. they were briefly married to one another during a drunken weekend in Las Vegas
B. Bush's grandmother was a bridesmaid at Dean's grandmother's wedding
C. they were both condemned to die at the Salem witch trials

The answer is B. for more trivia and the answer to why Ariana Huffington calls Democratic leaders the "pusillanimous opposition", check out Fanatics and Fools

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

women buy and sell

women buy 85% of all goods and it turns out they are responsible for what men buy, too ... look who's in charge of marketing for Levitra, Gillette, ESPN and more....wouldn't it be nice if they weren't making 10-25% less than their male counterparts?

women gotta ask

did you know that not negotiating your first salary can cost you more than $500,000 over your career? women who negotiate their salaries consistently can increase earnings by $1m or more? men with MBA degrees ask for starting salaries 15.6% higher than women MBA's? more ...