Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah Palin in her own words ... lest we forget

Put some rhythm in your step and a add a melody to your memory as you think about what might have been and vow not to allow it ever to be.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In politics, as in life ...

Love conquers.

But, love didn't conquer all today.

My heart goes out to my friends in the GLBT community who learned again today that too many Americans continue to practice the politics of exclusion denying them full equality and writing their second class citizenship into state constitutions.

Tears of sadness commingled freely with tears of joy tonight.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Will "Love" Triumph?

I have a theory about "love" and "hate" on the campaign trail that will be tested today.

Four years ago, Democrats grudgingly chose John Kerry, a candidate that they "thought" could win, to vie against George W. Bush, a "hated" rival, who was then, and to some extent remains even now, fiercely "loved" by the base voters of his party. Regardless of whether you believe, as I do, that "hate" is too strong a label for partisan differences, the lesson of 2004 was two fold:

"Hate" as a political driver ultimately was ennervating for "thoughtful" Kerry forces, leaving husks behind, unable to sustain the emotional energy through the election. Hating Bush ultimately just wasn't enough to drive them to deliver victory to a candidate with whom they simply were not smitten.

At the same time, "love" grew in power, building through election day, sustaining the Bush forces in Ohio and elsewhere until the last poll was closed.

Now, four years later, it is the Republicans who chose "thoughtfully," turning grudgingly to someone with whom many in the base still are not comfortable, while Democrats turned away from the "she can win" analytical choice to embrace a candidate who touched their hearts and inspired passion in their souls.

And, while Democratic hearts went "all in" for Obama this year, the "thoughtful" McCain forces, in sorry repetition of Kerry four years ago, tried mightily to drive their base with hate and fear of their opposition, even while they tried pitifully to inspire some "love" for Palin as the capacitor that could spark the campaign with new energy.

So, the election today is the test for my "love"/"hate" theory.

Tonight we get the answer to the question whether love, in politics as in life, conquers all.