Monday, October 06, 2008

The Manchurian Candidate 2008 Remake

There is mounting evidence that John Sidney McCain is a real life "Manchurian Candidate" brainwashed by the Chinese controlled North Vietnamese during his captivity in Viet Nam and carefully prepared to turn over the United States to China after his election as President of the United States.

Let's start with the fact that McCain refers to his time in prison as his stay at the Hanoi Hilton. Pretty flattering description of what was supposed to be a time of deprivation and torture. And, he looks pretty comfortable in this picture from his time at the Hilton, doesn't he?

And, while the available evidence appears to support the claim that McCain did endure great hardship while a prisoner of war, there is no question that he broke under torture and signed a war crimes confession 10 months after his capture. Nonetheless, he was held for years after that, refusing early release supposedly because he didn't want to be part of North Vietnamese propaganda. But, there could be another explanation for this extended stay. It could be that he stayed as a part of a continuing indoctrination program that was preparing him for his future as a "Manchurian Candidate" under the control of the Chinese.

How else can you explain McCain's embrace of his former captors?

How else to explain the disdain that McCain has demonstrated towards POW/MIA families as documented by a 1992 article in the US Veteran Dispatch?

How else to explain why, as the junior Senator from Arizona, one of his first legislative initiatives was to lead "a legislative effort to force the Administration to open a lower-level American post in Vietnam, which could be preliminary to more formal relations?" (New York Times, June 1,1988)

How else to explain why McCain has been preaching about teaching soldiers in survival training about the need to forgive their enemies and captors since he wrote his thesis for the National War College in 1974?

And, then there was the accident that injured his first wife and opened the door for Cindy McCain to assume the Angela Lansbury/Meryl Streep role as McCain's handler. Although not a sitting Senator nor his mother as in the fictional book and movies, Cindy McCain clearly is a woman of great influence over McCain who could be holding his queen of diamonds trigger.

Shouldn't we be asking questions about just what the continuing effects of McCain's long term brainwashing and torture might be?

And, just what explains McCain's support from groups like Asian Americans for McCain that include very active Vietnamese volunteers?

What do these groups know that we should know?

Update: And, now the clincher ... John McCain owns a condo in Arlington ... "communist country" according to his brother.

P.S. Before you all hyperventilate, and, although I shouldn't have to tell you this, this is clearly satire provoked by the number of stupid conspiracy theory/inflammatory and worse emails I get implying that Barack Obama is a "domestic" or Muslim terrorist. Both of the candidates are fine men. McCain, Palin, their campaigns and friends should stick to the important issues of the day and distance themselves from the sleazy mud slinging from which McCain suffered in 2000 and from which he then distanced himself.