Monday, September 01, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin ... to reform means to "re-form"

For short time Governor Sarah Palin being a "reformer" simply means that she's a "re-former." Someone who "re-forms" or remakes her political positions to fit the politics of the moment and audience.

First, Palin was for the so-called "bridge to nowhere" when she was running for governor, and, then, she was against it after she was elected and it became a political liability on the national stage on which she longed to play. And, even when she announced she was cutting the state funding for the project, she said it was because of "inaccurate portrayals" of Alaska bridge projects.

And, for Palin "thanks but no thanks" means "we'll take the money thank you, but no thanks to the purpose for which it was appropriated. We'll just spend it the way we want to" ... like on the road that's designed to link up to ... you guessed it ... the "bridge to nowhere."

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