Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Just Asking ....

In George Allen's TV commercials he talks about his "more than 10 years" of public service to Virginia.

And, John Warner says Allen "has stood with me side-by-side for 22 years and no one ever challenged our record."

Is there some part of Allen's record that he isn't proud of?

Does Allen think we can't count?
8 years in the General Assembly
2 years in Congress
4 years as Governor
6 years as Senator

Maybe he's afraid that folks will think of him as a "career politician"? [After all, he's never had a "real job."]

Just asking ....


Anonymous said...

Oh good grief. Are you too dense to realize he meant service statewide? Four years as Governor, six years as Senator?

Must be more Democrat fuzzy math if you can't figure that out.

CG2 said...

I don't normally publish anonymous comments, but I'm in a good mood today, and thought I would.

I don't know what George meant.

If he doesn't consider his prior service to have been a public service, that's his choice.

He didn't say statewide, although I'm sure that you might be correct.

A Republican friend pointed this out to me ...

When I saw the spot, I thought it was a bit odd, too.

'nuff said.