Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who said this and why?

See if you can identify who said this, when and why.

The salutary purpose of the statute is clear. The Legislature had seen the baneful effects of permitting foreigners, who had taken residence in this country, to rear and educate their children in the language of their native land. The result of that condition was found to be inimical to our own safety. To allow the children of foreigners, who had emigrated here, to be taught from early childhood the language of the country of their parents was to rear them with that language as their mother tongue. It was to educate them so that they must always think in that language, and, as a consequence, naturally inculcate in them the ideas and sentiments foreign to the best interests of this country. The statute, therefore, was intended not only to require that the education of all children be conducted in the English language, but that, until they had grown into that language and until it had become a part of them, they should not in the schools be taught any other language. The obvious purpose of this statute was that the English language should be and become the mother tongue of all children reared in this state.

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Dawganova said...

Mr. Justice McReynolds writing for the majority - MEYER v. STATE OF NEBRASKA, 262 U.S. 390 (1923.

CG2 said...

That's right! The majority of the Supreme Court overturned a Nebraska law that sought to prevent the teaching of German during the period between the first and second world wars.