Friday, February 08, 2008

The RTD to Unilingualist Fulminators ... Get Over It

Today's Richmond Times Dispatch editorial defends Governor Tim Kaine's use of Spanish in greeting the pro-America president of El Salvador, complimenting his "hospitality" and "graciousness" to a foreign visitor and calling the fulminators on the internet and in the blogosphere who are bloviating about the Governor's bilingual greeting and the Spanish translation of his office's press release (an obvious courtesy to the Salvadoran press covering their leader's visit) "ridiculous."

Thank goodness common sense and common courtesy are still rated as "virtues" by some who revere (and would save) the Old Dominion.


Mike K said...

When I first received the bilingual press release, I just knew that the crowd which hates to be asked to "Press 2 for Espanyol" would have a thing or two to say about it.

I, too, was pleasantly surprised to see the RTD defend it. Regardless of where the editorial board lands on immigration issues, attacking the Governor for something so sensible is just foolish.

Stephen said...

Well done Richmond Times Dispatch and Tim Kaine.